Heat Therapy for Treating Migraines

Do you suffer from migraines?

Did you know that a hot water bottle can alleviate this pain for you? 


Heat therapy (also known as thermotherapy), is a process whereby something warm is applied to a body part to alleviate pain. Heat therapy is known to be an alternative therapy for migraine headaches in place of medicinal options. 

Throughout our body, there are thousands of nerve endings that send signals to the brain regarding pain. These tiny nerve endings are able to respond to changes in skin temperature (in this case- warmth) and in turn, helps relax muscles and reduce inflammation. Most importantly, it stimulates and increases blood flow to the heated area which increases the flow of oxygen, proteins and other helpful nutrients to the area in pain. Ideally, you want more blood in the affected area to help with the healing process through oxygen and nutrients and heat therapy has the ability to widen and open blood vessels, which will help with this process. 

There we have it, a simple and efficient way to eliminate migraines! But make sure to check that the temperature of your hot water bottle is not too extreme, and one way to make sure of this would be to keep your bottles nice and covered so that there is protection between your skin and the hot water bottle (heat source).  I hope our hot water bottles keep you nice and migraine-free this week! 


Image: Steward Today

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