How to Treat Back Pain

Hot Water Bottles Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain


One of the most underrated and forgotten uses of hot water bottles is in the treatment of back pain. Before a wide range of “back pain targeted” medications, quick fixes and short lived fixes, came on the market, hot water bottles were a must to help people relieve back pain.

Whether back pain starts with a bad night’s sleep, long hours standing, sitting for too long, muscle strain or stress a hot water bottle can help to relieve or get rid of the pain.

Hot water bottles were ever present in houses but because they are considered as a grandma item, using a hot water bottle for warmth and comfort they were forgotten.

 A hot water bottle is an effective tool to quickly relieve lower back pain.


Warmth therapy can effectively relax the muscles in your lower back allowing them to relax and resettle.

Persistent lower back pain can be treated alternating cold and heat.

Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and place it on the painful area, and then empty the bottle to fill it with warm water. Continue this process for 30 to 40 minutes alternating cold for 10-15 minutes and warm for 5-10 minutes.

Be careful with the hot water bottle you use because if you have one that is made out of rubber or the ring cap is metal there is a great chance that the bottle might leak, rip or burst with the temperature changes.

The best bottles to use for warm-cold therapy are thermoplastic bottles with a non-metal ring cap. I know two brands that make these bottles, Fashy and Hugo Frosh.

Hugo Frosh has a stiff bottle that is really good for those times when you want to use the bottle sitting down, but perhaps too stiff to cuddle and use when lying in bed or on the couch.

Fashy bottles are similar to traditional rubber bottles, they are soft and flexible to allow them to be moulded around your body and are comfortable to cuddle, however, they are made of thermoplastic so last much longer, have a wider neck to allow for easy and safe pouring, a plastic ring cap and easy to grip stopper, and are rubber free which makes them great for allergy sufferers!



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