Welcome to Toasty Warm Australia!

Welcome to Toasty Warm Australia!

I want to introduce you to a wonderful, safe product that I have been using for over 15 years, one which brings warmth and comfort to all the members in my house and one I trust to give to my young children: Fashy hot water bottles. 

Hot water bottles are used around the world and come in many shapes, sizes and materials. I particularly love Fashy's hot water bottles as I find them very safe, which is super important especially as they are filled with hot water and kept next to your skin, and so pose a real danger. They are made in Germany to the highest specifications and standards with regular samples taken and tested during the manufacturing process to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Fashy have been making thermoplastic hot water bottles since 1976 and  perfecting their design along the way.

These hot water bottles are made of thermoplastic which means that they are latex free (great for allergy sufferers), odourless (I really can't stand the smell of rubber), and long lasting (they come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty and recommended replacement after 5 years, which is far greater than what you get with a standard rubber hot water bottle). The opening at the top is nice and wide (29mm), there is no metal at all (no more burns from the over heated metal thread while holding the bottle neck when filling!) and the funnel holds its widened shape making filling much easier and helps prevents spills . It has an integrally moulded jointless neck which prevents leakage, and when it is time to replace your beloved hottie, you can put it in with the recycling!

I cannot recommend these hot water bottles enough! I bought my first one during my gap year when I was a nanny in Germany, I kept it for almost 10 years as I couldn't find the same brand here in Australia. I tried many different rubber ones but they were damaged quickly and I didn't really like them, so I kept using my old Fashy hottie. Once I got replacements (one each, brought from Germany by my Mum), I could safely give them to my girls as bed warmers in winter or when they had a cold or a tummy ache. As you can see I am passing on my hot water addiction to them already :)

I hope you will love Fashy hot water bottles as much as I do!

Stay warm and Toasty




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