At Toasty Warm we want to bring you the same high quality product that my family has been using for years. We love using Fashy hot water bottles all year round.

We use them a lot in cooler weather to warm up, saving electricity as we don't need to turn on the heater as often. I put them in my kids' beds before bedtime to make them nice and snuggly, which helps to stop them getting up quite as many times with usual bedtime excuses. The kids use them when they have a cold or tummy ache too, they are a great comfort. My husband uses them if he has injured himself at the gym, he likes them as you can easily use them warm or cold. I like to use my hot water bottle when I have back pain or period pain, and also when I'm on the computer as I always get so cold when I sit still for a long time.

I have tried a lot of different products and brands, but Fashy's thermoplastic hot water bottles are my favourite. They are great for so many reasons some of which are:

  • They last a long time with a 2 year manufacturers warranty and recommended replacement after 5 years (rubber/latex bottles should be replaced every 1-2 years as they start to deteriorate and risk leaking) 
  • They retain heat longer than normal rubber models
  • They are odourless unlike rubber models
  • They are latex free, so great for allergy sufferers
  • They are recyclable, so environmentally friendly
  • They have a jointless neck which prevents leakages making them one of the safest hot water bottle on the market.
  • The opening at the top is really wide (29mm), so in the 15 years I have used them I have never scalded myself while filling them as the opening is much larger than other brands.

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