Hot Water Bottle Safety Information

Warning! Hot water bottles can be dangerous & cause burns if they are not cared for or used in the proper way!

General Warnings

  • Never fill with boiling water, it can cause damage and bottles may burst
  • Children, sick persons, persons who are insensitive to heat or anyone with reduced feeling or delicate skin should use only under close adult supervision.
  • Replace at least every 5 years (The product may be disposed of with the household waste and can be recycled) 
  • Replace earlier if damaged or worn, e.g. cracked, splitting, colour has changed, feels brittle, stopper leaks
  • Check the hot water bottle and its cap for wear and damage prior to use. Use original Fashy caps only.
  • Do not use for febrile diseases, inflammations. In case of doubt, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Only use Fashy hot water bottles for their intended use.


Filling your hot water bottle

  • When filling your hot water bottle, do not use boiling water. Add cold water to a boiled jug, or allow the jug to stand for a few minutes before filling the bottle. Hot tap water may also cause scalding, so care should always be taken when filling.
  • Hold the bottle upright over the sink and away from your body, pour water into the funnel, taking care not to splash water onto hands or body.
  • Fill slowly to maximum two thirds of the capacity. DO NOT overfill, otherwise you risk it bursting.
  • Remove air in the bottle by gently lowering it onto flat surface until water can be seen at the opening.
  • Screw in stopper until just tight and check it for tightness.
  • Hold bottle upside down over sink, away from body, squeeze lightly to check for leaks.


Important Usage instructions

  • Wrap in a towel or covering - do not place bottle in direct contact with skin
  • Do not lean on, sit on, rest your legs on or put pressure or weight on bottle
  • Do not sleep with bottle overnight, remove before getting into bed
  • Avoid contact with hot, tipped or sharp surfaces, oil, grease and sunlight, and do not put objects on the hot water bottle.
  • Hot water bottles may cause burns (in case of sensitive skin from as low temperatures as 41°C). Therefore, you should avoid contact with the skin over a longer period of time or use an adequate cover for the hot water bottle.
  • Do not use common additives such as common salt, essential oil or the like.
  • Never heat bottle in oven or microwave oven


Important Storage instructions

  • Empty bottle and hang upside down to dry. Allow to fully dry before storing
  • Store with stopper removed
  • Store in cool, dry, dark place, hang upside down, or lie flat
  • Do not place any items on top of bottle
  • Keep away from moisture, sunlight, oil, grease and heat
  • The product may be disposed of with the household waste and can be recycled. Only use Fashy hot water bottles for their intended use.

All safety information and instructions come with the bottle in a handy boocklet for future reference.